"International Advertising Planning in the Automobile Industry"


In the context of the global marketing of the automobile industry the international positioning gets an increasing significance. Its efficiency can be guaranteed by international advertising planning.


The latter is defined by a process which includes the following steps: Analysis of the initial situation, planning of the advertising strategy including the development of the positioning and the definition of the target group, planning of the advertising budget, planning of the production of advertising means, media planning and post-testing.

The definition of methodological standards for each of these steps assures an effective international positioning. Moreover, it can result in cost reductions through a higher efficiency in the workflow organisation.

All steps of international advertising planning and the related distribution of responsibilities are discussed in detail referring to specific planning methods and to examples from the automobile industry. This proposal is added by a co-operative implementation plan because the success of process standardisation relies strongly on the social acceptance in the multinational company.


Source: Dmoch, T. (2004a), "Internationale Werbeplanung in der Automobilbranche",

in: Zentes, J. et al. (Ed.) (2004), Au├čenhandel: Marketingstrategien und Managementkonzepte, Wiesbaden: Gabler, p. 648-673.



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