Figures: Advertisements without any culture-specific elements from Germany and the U.K.


Data base with association norms from different cultures


Here you'll find the original data from my dissertation that I have gained through my research in
Germany, France and in Switzerland.


About 6400 students have been interrogated. The data was gained in 1994, in parts by students of the Institute for consumer and behavioral research at the University of Saarland for their diploma essays. To find out more about the way the data was gained, data processing and interpretation, have a look at my dissertation. Using this data you can do your own analyses.


The data is compressed. In order to read the data, you have to download them onto you hard disk.


Click here to download (The file is approx. 3,5 MB.).
When you are done with the download, just start the file with a double click. The file will create a new directory called C:\DMOCH. Then it will decompress into that directory. You don´t need a special decompression program! When the file DMOCH.EXE is decompressed, it takes up about 20 MB on you hard disk.


After the decompression process, jump to the directory C:\DMOCH. Here you will find the user information in the file BABYINFO.DOC that you can open with Word, and six sub directories.
Every sub directory contains the interpretation program Babylon / Schema-Babylon, that you can
use to read and edit the data of the corresponding directory, and the data for one language area,
e.g. the German data or the French speaking Switzerland data.


For the extensional meaning, there are data from Germany, France, from the German speaking
part of Switzerland and from the French speaking part of Switzerland. You can read them with the Babylon software.

For the intensional meaning, there are data from Germany and from France.

You can read them with the Schema-Babylon software.

Dr. Thomas Dmoch


Originally, this web site was used to transfer my research data. Today, this is a platform for cross-cultural communication in the digital era. It is a proving ground for social media.


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